Rental Conditions

Reservation : The reservation is validated once we receive back the completed contract,dated and signed with the mention « Read and approved,okay for order » accompanied with a 40% of the contract value VAT deposit cheque subject to availability before the contract signature.

Pricing :Indicated prices on the order form are valid for three months from the signature.
Travel expenses are in suplements and depending on the used vehicle .
Meals are charged to customer.

Invoicing : The payment is made at the end of every service on presentation of invoice ,exclusively made on the order of the contract’s signatory or beneficiary.

Event’s structures set up : The set up is made by us. If not,rental without staff,mention it on the quote.
Power supply (220 V & 20A,380 V for the rodeo bull standard)is charged to organizer and must be less than 20m away from the structure. For every service,security guardrails charged to organizer can be required. Number depends of the different structures

Advertising Structure set up : A security deposit cheque in amount of the structure’s value is required.The set up is made by our Team.
The elecrical connection (220V & 20A standard) is charged to organizer and must be less than 10m away from the structure. Every performance on the ground must be surrounded by guardrails charged to organizer.

In case of bad weather conditions : Plan another place.

In case of cancellation :

  • 5 days before : 30% of Total VAT
  • Less than 5 days : 40%
  • 24h avant: 50%,
  • 24h Before : 50% .The morning of the event,before the delivery : 80%, Once the delivery is done : 100%

However,We advise the customer to take out an insurance to be compensated If needed.

In case of contestation,The business court of NICE is the only competent one.

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